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If you're thinking about purchasing petBASE 8S, you should first download the free Evaluator program, to ensure that it fully meets your requirements and to determine which options you require. If you currently have an earlier version, you can upgrade to petBASE 8S as explained below. 

petBASE 8S Evaluator

This free program is exactly the same as the full program, including all optional features, except as follows:-

(1) The fictitious name 'Clayworth Pet Grooming' appears on the main menus and most print-outs. If you purchase the full program, this will be changed to your business name.

(2) The maximum number of customers or suppliers that can be added is limited to 10.

To download petBASE 8S Evaluator version 8.16 (Build 65) please follow these steps:-

  Click here to download (ie save) the installation file petBASE_816S.exe to your Downloads folder. 

 Close any open applications, open your Downloads folder, then double-click the downloaded file petBASE_816S.exe. The petBASE 8S Setup Wizard should now appear: follow the prompts to install petBASE 8S Evaluator. Note that the program will install to C:\petBASE8S. 

 If the installation doesn't work, please right-click petBASE_816S.exe, select 'Properties' and check that the file size (not 'size on disk') is correct: it should be 4,991,512 bytes; if it's not, you should download again.

 If you have any problems with downloading or installing petBASE 8S Evaluator, please e-mail me and I'll try to help.

 When you start petBASE 8S Evaluator, Introducing petBASE will appear. This contains a selection of subjects from the comprehensive Help system, which will provide you with a useful introduction to the program. I strongly recommend that you read all of the subjects in this introduction, as it will save you valuable time later on. It will also help you decide which program options you require.

 Having tested the Evaluator, if you decide that petBASE 8S meets your requirements and you wish to purchase, please e-mail me, giving the options that you require and your business name. You'll then receive a PayPal payment request, which you can pay by credit/debit card or from your PayPal account, if you have one. On receipt of your payment, I'll e-mail you your Program Key, which will enable you to instantly activate your full program.     

Security note

The installation file petBASE_816S.exe is not digitally-signed so, when you download it and/or double-click it, you may see  warning messages from Windows or your anti-virus program, and the publisher will be classified as 'unknown'. However, it has been thoroughly scanned for viruses using the top 65 anti-virus programs. Before installation, you can verify that your downloaded file originated from this website by right-clicking it, selecting 'Properties' and checking that the file size (not 'size on disk') is correct: it should be 4,991,512 bytes. You could also scan the file with your own anti-virus program.  

Windows 10 note 

If you have Windows 10 and have set Display Scaling to more than 100% (eg 125%), you may find that the text in petBASE 8S (and some other applications) is rather blurred. You can rectify this as follows: right-click petBASE8S on your Start Screen or Start Menu, select 'Open file location', right-click the petBASE8S shortcut file, select 'Properties' / 'Compatibility', then tick 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings'. This will cure the blurred text while retaining the increased display size.    

Upgrading your current program

 Please check your purchased version before upgrading, by going to Help / About petBASE. If you've previously done a free upgrade, your purchased version will be earlier than your current version. If your current version is 8.00 - 8.15, please read red note below.

 Users with purchased version 8.00 - 8.15 can upgrade to version 8.16 free of charge simply by downloading and installing petBASE_816S.exe. This will overwrite your current program, while retaining your existing data; however, to be on the safe side, you should back-up your data before upgrading.

  Users with purchased versions 7.20 - 7.32 can upgrade to version 8.16 for 50% of the current price, as follows:-

(1) Download and install petBASE_816S.exe. At this stage, you will have the Evaluator program installed in folder C:\petBASE8S, so it won't overwrite your current program, which is at a different location, so you can check-out its new features at your leisure.

(2) E-mail me, requesting your upgrade and giving the options that you require - see note below. After receiving your payment, I'll e-mail you your new Program Key (it's different from your current one).

(3) On receiving your new Program Key, start petBASE 8S Evaluator, go to General / File / Activate Full Program and enter your business name and Program Key; this will convert the Evaluator to your full program.

(4) If you have the Multi-User option on a network, you must repeat steps 1 and 3 for each networked computer, then follow the instructions on Help page 'Using petBASE on a Network' to re-define your data and documents location on each computer. 

(5) Go to General / File / Restore From Backup to restore your latest manual backup from your current program to the new one. 

 Note! These prices are for upgrading to version 8.16 with the same options as your previous program; if you require additional options, the full price of each option will be payable (see Prices).  

 If your current version is 8.00 - 8.15 and your purchased version is prior to 8.00 (ie you previously did a free upgrade), you are not entitled to a free upgrade to version 8.16. If you download and install version 8.16, this will overwrite your current version and revert it to the Evaluator program. You must then purchase a new Program Key to convert the Evaluator back to your full program.

Updated 1 December 2018

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