petBASE 9B change history
petBASE 9B overview

Please note. In petBASE 9B's settings, the words 'services', 'pen' and 'VAT' can be replaced by words of your choice, eg 'grooming', 'run' and 'GST'. The changed words will then appear throughout the program.

26/05/22: V9.19

(1) Help / About petBASE:- 

(a) If you clicked 'Technical' or 'Conditions', on closing the form, the Main Menu footer text stayed as "Click 'Technical' for technical details, 'Conditions' for copyright & licence conditions", instead of reverting to the default footer text. 

(b) Added "or click 'Latest version' to check latest version of petBASE.

(2) Pet classes: On opening the form, it tried to add a new class or delete an existing one, depending on how you moved the cursor.

(3) Help pages changed to include Windows 11, where applicable.

(4) Maintenance changes.

07/12/21: V9.18

(1) Add a Daycare Booking: If you tried to add a new customer (with the + button), an error occurred.

(2) Summary of daycare bookings on selected dateIf you cancelled a booking, the resulting list (although reduced by one) showed the cancelled booking number and description for each row, though if you clicked Details, the correct booking was shown. 

(3Transaction Categories: Daycare Fees category wasn't included if you had the Daycare option.

(4Boarding Calendar: If Daycare option included, title now reads 'BOARDING CALENDAR....' rather than 'CALENDAR...'

08/10/21: V9.17

(1) Add a Boarding Booking: If you tried to overbook an Other Pet (eg rabbit), instead of giving a warning message, an error occurred.

(2) Re-build Data Files: If upgraded from pre-V9.00 with Dog Daycare, Checkin & Checkout fields in Daily Details table corrected to ticks or blanks. 

(3) If you tried to add a daycare booking invoice from a list of bookings, an error occurred.

(4) Filter/Search Invoices: If Daycare option included, Daycare category added.

(5) Corrections made to Help pages involving Daycare.

28/06/21: V9.16

(1) Pen Allocation Chart:-

(a) Grid row indicator removed, so you must now move between pens using the row navigation buttons.

(b) Booking can no-longer be added by left-clicking a date (you must select an empty cell to add a booking for the corresponding pen and date). 

(c) If you left or right-clicked between the furthest RH column of the grid and the scroll bar, an error sometimes occurred.

(d) If you left-clicked below the populated area of the grid, the pen details form would appear.

(e) If you left-clicked an empty cell so that add a booking msg appeared, then left-clicked row indicator or below populated area, the msg box re-appeared.

(2Add a Boarding Booking: If initiated from Pen Allocation Chart, when you select customer, PB first checks whether he has at least one pet type corresponding to the pen type selected in Pen Allocation Chart. If not, message displayed and you can either select another customer or cancel the booking.

(3) View Booking / Invoice Details -  E-mail PDF File: Error sometimes occurred if you tried to do this quickly for several bookings / invoices. 

(4) Maintenance changes.

29/03/21: V9.15

Maintenance changes.

17/03/21: V9.14

(1) Daycare Opening Times form was empty if upgraded from version 9.12 or earlier.

(2) Add/Change a Daycare Booking: Average daily rate correctly displayed.

08/03/21: V9.13

(1) Dog Daycare option re-introduced.

(2) Maintenance changes.

19/12/20: V9.12

(1) List All Suppliers: Click Details button - an error occurred.

(2) Change Boarding Booking: Click Update button - an error occurred. 

(3) Change Booking: If invoice exists, on saving message 'INVOICE HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY EDITED! Do you want petBASE to overwrite it?' appeared, even if invoice hadn't been edited.

(4) Boarding Bookings With Overdue Check-ins/Outs and Boarding Bookings To Be Checked-in/Out Today: If no bookings left after checking-in/out, changing or cancelling a booking, appropriate buttons disabled to prevent problems if clicked.

(5) List Bookings / Customers / Invoices / Suppliers / Transactions: If last remaining record deleted (eg after setting filter),  appropriate buttons disabled to prevent problems if clicked.

12/11/20: V9.11

(1) Multi-User program:-

(a) Refresh button now visible on main lists (eg List All Bookings). Click this to update the list with any changes made by another user since the form was opened. Also added to Pen Allocation Chart.

(b) Previously, when you clicked the Delete (or Cancel) button on main lists to delete the selected item, the list was first regenerated to ensure that it hadn't been deleted by another user since the form was opened, and you then had to re-select the item and click the Delete button again. Now, if the selected item has been deleted by another user, petBASE immediately identifies this, displays a message and updates the list.

(2) List Tomorrow's Arrivals: error occurred (V9.10 only).

(3) Delete Old Bookings: error occurred.

(4) Maintenance changes.

21/10/20: V9.10 

(1) Tablet Mode introduced. When ticked in General Settings, this optimises petBASE for use on a Windows 10/11 tablet.

(2) Add/Change Customer Details: 'Mr & Mrs' added to Title options.

(3) Maintenance changes.

02/09/20: V9.06

(1) Pen Allocation Chart: When adding a booking, now checks whether premises closed on selected date. 

(2) Add/Change Customer Details: If more than one Pet Group defined in General Settings, in Pet Details, you must now click the red Type column heading and select the required Pet Type from the resulting list. This was previously done from a drop-down list within the column cell, which could cause problems in some circumstances.

(3) Pet Codes: If more than one Pet Group defined in General Settings, you must now click the red Pet Type column heading and select the required Pet Type from the resulting list. This was previously done from a drop-down list within the column cell, which could cause problems in some circumstances. 

(4) Help subject 'Using petBASE on a network': added further information.

16/08/20: V9.05

(1) General Settings: Added option for Pen Allocation Chart to be shown at start-up.

(2) Pen Allocation Chart:-

(a) If you left-click a date heading to add a boarding booking, when the booking form opens the arrival date and time (AM or PM) will correspond to the selected date and AM/PM position. 

(b) Left-click an unallocated (empty) cell to add a boarding booking for the corresponding date and pen number, thus  providing a direct way of adding a booking for a pen that's empty on a particular date.

(3Boarding Calendar:  If you left-click a date to add a boarding booking, when the booking form opens the arrival date and time (AM or PM) will correspond to the selected date and AM/PM position.

(4Add/Change Boarding Booking: If you tried to specify an arrival or departure that's outside the current calendar range, an error occurred.  

(5) Maintenance changes. 

07/07/20: V9.04

(1Minimise (-) function added to all large forms (eg main menus), thus providing an alternative to left-clicking the associated taskbar icon. 

(2Print Pen Details: An error occurred, preventing printing.

(3Debit/Credit an Account: If you selected Payment Method = 'Cash', an error occurred.

(4Multi-User program, List bookings: If you clicked Change button for a boarding booking and message that Boarding Rates form incomplete appeared, when you tried to change it again, 'Booking / Invoice being changed by another user' message appeared.

(5Multi-User program, Password Protection: If form already opened by another user message appeared & you clicked Return, the General main menu was frozen. 

(6) Maintenance changes.

10/04/20: V9.03

(1) Added List Tomorrow's Arrivals to Bookings main menu. This includes a Reminder function, which enables you to e-mail a booking reminder to selected customers.

(2) Maintenance changes.

20/03/20: V9.02

(1Help pages: Added Find text function, which enables you to enter some text and see all occurrences of it highlighted in blue, which is particulary useful if there's a lot of text on the page. If the help page was opened from the Filter/Search Help function, the previously-entered search text will be automatically highlighted.  

(2) Boarding Fee Settings: Added Afternoon Arrival Charge and Time.This enables you to specify the percentage of the daily rate that you charge when arrival is in the afternoon. This can be from 0 (no charge) to 100% (full daily charge). You can also specify the earliest time in the afternoon for this to apply, otherwise petBASE will apply the specified charge if arrival is at any time during the aftenoon.  Note: this is in addition to the existing Morning and Afternoon departure settings.

(3) Maintenance changes.

05/02/20: V9.01 

(1) In lists, applicable cells are now directly ticked or unticked by left-clicking the column cells. In version 9.00, the cells were ticked or unticked by first selecting the required row, then left-clicking the column heading. 

(2) Maintenance changes.

01/10/19: V9.00

(1) Program now referred to as petBASE 9B (was petBASE 8B) and installs to C:\petBASE9B.

(2) New Zoom function enables you to alter the display size to suit your screen resolution. The default display, with Zoom Factor = 100%, is  designed to fit a screen with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution, but you can increase or decrease the Zoom Factor to correspondingly increase or decrease the display size (maintaining the aspect ratio) without loss of definition. The previous display size was based on 800 x 600 pixels screen resolution.

(3Multi-User option. Improved system introduced to check whether the same data is potentially being changed by another user, as follows:-

(a) Change booking, customer, invoice, supplier, transaction: form can't be opened if already opened by another user. Previous system didn't always work correctly and, in some cases, caused an error. 

(b) Change account details, password protection, login system, manual backup, add a year to calendar, peak periods, closed periods, opening times and available staff: form can't be opened if already opened by another user.

(c) You can't delete a booking, customer, invoice, supplier or transaction if the corresponding details are being changed by another user. 

(d) All other types of changeable forms, which are used for both viewing and changing data, eg settings, accommodation details, etc: if form already opened by another user, option given of abandoning, or opening form in read-only mode. 

(3Delete a Customer: Deletion is prevented if any bookings, invoices or transactions exist for the customer. Previously only prevented if current bookings or unpaid invoices exist.

(4Delete a Supplier: Deletion is prevented if any transactions exist for the supplier. 

(5Printed booking form: If the balance has been paid, the payment date is shown (as with on-screen form). 

(6Add/Change Customer: Any blank spaces removed before the customer's surname and pets' names and ensures that the first character is upper-case and remaining ones lower-case (if name consists of more than one word, first character of each word is upper-case). This ensures that customers are listed in alphabetical order.

(7Add/Change Supplier: Any blank spaces are removed before supplier's name and ensures that the first character is upper-case and remaining ones lower-case (if name consists of more than one word, first character of each word is upper-case). This ensures that suppliers are listed in alphabetical order. 

(8Customer Reference Number: This is automatically assigned when a customer is added but previously remained hidden; this is now shown in Customer Details, Customer Lists and Invoice Details.

(9) Customer surname field length increased fom 14 to 20 characters.

(10) General Booking Settings: Added option to exclude Booking Notes from printed booking form.

(11) Maintenance changes.

(12) Program now runs under dBASE PLUS 12.3.1.


Dog Daycare option discontinued.

24/02/18: V8.16

(1) At startup:-  

(a) Improved checking for corrupt data files. 

(b) If the last session was terminated by an error, message 'petBASE IS EITHER ALREADY OPEN OR CLOSED SUDDENLY LAST TIME (EG DUE TO AN ERROR)', no-longer appears. A message will still appear if petBASE is already open or was not previously closed properly.  

(2) Add/Change Daycare Booking: If you tried to specify more than 9 non-contiguous days in Daily Details, an error occurred. 

(3) Printed Daycare Invoice: To avoid confusion, 'ARRIVAL DATE: xxx' changed to 'BOOKING PERIOD FROM: xxx' and 'DEPARTURE DATE: yyy' changed to 'TO: yyy'.   

(4) Daycare bookings. Edit / View Daily Details: Added Day column, showing day name for each date.

(5) Re-build Data Files: When refreshing calendar(s), earliest starting point is first day of previous year, rather than over full range. This speeds-up the process if there are a number of earlier years in the user's calendar(s). Note that you can still refresh earlier years with the Refresh Calendar function.  

(6) Maintenance changes.

02/11/17: V8.15

Maintenance changes.

28/07/17: V8.14

Maintenance changes.

10/05/17: V8.13

(1) General Settings: If you have the Pet Services option and you change the Service Type, before saving, petBASE now checks for services bookings wth category = previous service type. If any are found, after displaying a  warning, it updates the category of all affected bookings, invoices and transactions to the new service type.

(2) Re-build Data Files: Now checks Bookings, Invoices & Transactions for category referring to non-current Service Type and updates any that are found. 

(3) Maintenance changes.

13/04/17: V8.12

(1) You can now define closed dates for boarding bookings.

This can be done using new function Closed Boarding Periods in Bookings / Calendar, which enables you to define periods during which you are closed for boarding bookings. 

You can also directly specify a date as closed or open in the Boarding Calendar by right-clicking the date and selecting either Designate as Closed or Designate as Open, as applicable.

In the Boarding Calendar, dates designated as closed are indicated by grey boxes below them.

When adding or changing a boarding booking petBASE prevents you from specifying a booking period that includes date(s) that you've specified as closed.  

(2) View Booking / Invoice Details:-

(a) If using Windows 10/11, click new PDF button to instantly create a PDF file in your Miscellaneous Documents folder.

(b) If using Windows 10/11 and Microsoft Office Outlook is installed and ticked in General Settings, click new E-mail button to instantly create a PDF file and attach it to an e-mail addressed to the customer. 

(3) View Customer / Supplier Details / E-mail: If Microsoft Office Outlook installed and ticked in General Settings, you can now add an attachment from your Miscellaneous Documents folder.

(4) General Settings: Microsoft Office Outlook setting now saved on the local computer. This covers possibility that, if you have the Multi-User program, Outlook may not be installed on all networked computers.

(5) Maintenance changes.

29/11/16: V8.11

(1) Pen Allocation Chart:-

(a) If a pen number was changed or added during the booking period, the allocation starts at the change/addition date and time (AM or PM) and the first cell is coloured white. Previously, the pen appeared to be allocated for the entire booking period. For Daycare bookings, if no pets were booked-in on the change/addition date, the allocation starts at the next booked date.

(b) A new booking can now be added by left-clicking a date heading.

(c) Heading for current day coloured light green.

(d) The current first (top) row of the grid is retained when the grid is re-built after moving to another month or adding or changing a booking. Previously, a re-build resulted in the first row reverting to the first pen number. 

(2) View Boarding Booking: If the Accommodation Module is included and a pen number was changed or added during the booking period, that pen number is coloured red. Left-click the pen number to see the date and time that it was allocated.

(3) View Daycare Booking: If you've ticked Assign Pens in Daycare Settings and the Accommodation Module is included and a pen number was changed or added during the booking period, that pen number is coloured red. Left-click the pen number to see the date and time that it was allocated.  

(4) List All Customers & Customers v Bookings Table / Batch E-mail: If Microsoft Office Outlook is not ticked in General Settings:-

(a) On clicking OK, petBASE first calculates the total number of characters in the selected e-mail addresses plus the subject plus the e-mail text. If this exceeds the theoretical maximum of 2047, a warning message appears: click Yes to try anyway or No to cancel.

(b) If a single e-mail can't be created, the option of creating multiple separate e-mails is no-longer given.

(5) Change Boarding / Daycare Booking: The form can't be opened if the Boarding / Daycare Rates form is incomplete. 

(6) Daycare Rates: When checking that the form has been completed, petBASE checks that all applicable columns have been completed (previously just the full day's rate).

(7) Maintenance changes.

08/09/16: V8.10

(1) Added Program Options to General / Settings. This form differs according to whether you're using the Evaluator or full program:-

(a) Evaluator. You can disable one or more program options to see the effect on the rest of the program.

(b) Full program. A list of your purchased options is shown.

(2) Added Re-build Frequency to General / Settings. This enables you to change the frequency that Re-build Data Files is normally run from daily (the default) to weekly. If you specify weekly, you can optionally select a preferred day for the re-build, eg Sunday. 

(3) General Booking Settings: Added Omit Arrival/Departure Times. If ticked, arrival and departure times are omitted from printed boarding booking forms.

(4) Mail Merge (List Customers / Customers v Bookings): Added pet names to source file. 

(5) About petBASE: Added Latest Version button. This opens the appropriate Download page from the petBASE web site, which now includes the version and build number in the title bar.

(6) Error handling: Error log file automatically created/updated. 

(7) Maintenance changes.

07/05/16: V8.01

(1) Customers module was Customers/Pets.

(2) If Services and Daycare options not included (ie boarding only), the word 'Boarding' is generally omitted

(3) If Sharing Discount set to Total Daily Rates in Boarding Fee Settings, then you tried to select Daycare Rates, an error occured

(4) Print Booking Form or Invoice: Correction. Default images of dog and/or cat were not shown at top of print-out. 

(5) Filter VAT Sales/Outputs & VAT Purchases/Inputs:-

(a) If Service Type not Grooming, Training or Services, error occured (from V8.00).

(b) Selectable Transaction Categories now restricted according to program options and exclude VAT Category 'Not applicable'.

(6) Check-in/out Today's or Overdue Daycare Dogs: Error occurred when printing.

(7) Summary of Services Appointments on specified date: error occurred when printing (from V8.00).

(8) Print daycare or general invoice: Correction - 'Departure date' text not shown (just date).

(9) Print services booking form (scheduled): Correction - Appointment time didn't show minutes; eg 10.30 printed as 10.

(10) Manual Backup: When you clicked the spanner button to select destination, if you cancelled the resulting 'Choose directory' window without selecting a location, an error occured.

(11) Maintenance changes. 

17/02/16: V8.00

(1) Program now referred to as petBASE 8B (was petBASE 7) and installs to C:\petBASE8B.

(2) Basic program now only covers boarding bookings; previously included pet services (eg grooming), either during boarding or as separate bookings.

(3) Pet Services (eg grooming) is now a chargeable option. If this is not purchased, pet services are not referred to throughout the program, thus avoiding unnecessary clutter. However, if you upgrade from an earlier version, this will be included, as it was previously standard.

(4) Added DOG DAYCARE as a chargeable option. This enables you to create Daycare Bookings in a similar way to your boarding bookings. 

A daycare booking can accept one or more dogs and may cover a period of up to 30 days, but the dog(s) must not stay overnight.

If a daycare booking is for multiple days, you can specify gaps within the booking period, eg a dog may be booked in for a total period of 28 days, but require daycare on weekdays only. You can also assign different arrival and departure times on each day. 

A daycare booking may also include pet services (eg grooming).

Your daycare fees can be based on daily, half-daily and/or hourly rates and can be varied according to your Pet Codes (also used for boarding bookings). You can also specify a sharing/multiple dog  discount and a peak period surcharge to be applied to these standard rates. Once defined, these rates will be automatically applied by petBASE when you add a daycare booking. 

You can either assign pens to your daycare dogs or provide communal creche facilities.If you assign pens and have the Accommodation module, each dog pen can be specified as being suitable for boarding, daycare or both. 

The new Daycare Calendar provides an instant summary of your daycare bookings for each day of any month. If you assign pens to your daycare dogs, the calendar shows the number of pens booked or vacant for daycare in the morning and afternoon of each day of any month; otherwise, it shows the number of dogs booked or the number of vacancies.

If this option is not purchased, dog daycare is not referred to throughout the program, thus avoiding unnecessary clutter. 

(5) General Settings/Service Type: You can now enter any word up to 12 characters (previously only 'Grooming', 'Training' or 'Services' could be selected).

(6) All times are now in 24-hour format, eg 10.15, 15.30, etc.  

(7) Add/Change a Boarding Booking:- 

(a) Arrival and departure times now in 24-hour format (see item 6). AM/PM listbox initially visible, so you can still specify AM or PM if you don't know the actual time. However, as soon as you start to enter a time, the listbox disappears. If you subsequently delete the time, the listbox re-appears. 

(b) If adding booking from main menu, arrival date defaults to today and departure date to tomorrow.

(c) petBASE prevents you from changing arrival date to after departure date, & vice versa, without showing a message.

(d) When changing arrival or departure date, if outside calendar range, resets to previous date.

(8) Add/Change a Services Booking:- 

(a) Appointment and departure times now 24-hour format (see item 6), so AM/PM no-longer required.

(b) Now prevents appointment time being later than departure time. 

(c) When changing appointment date, if outside calendar range, resets to previous date. 

(9) Add a Services Booking: If Schedule Services Work ticked in General Booking Settings, Unsched button visible at top of form. If this is clicked before proceeding further, booking is not scheduled. 

(10) Check-in/out Today's Arrivals/Departures: petBASE checks for no relevant bookings before opening form. 

(11) Boarding Calendar:- 

(a) Peak period dates now underlined, rather than italic, as this is clearer with current font (applies also to the new Daycare Calendar). 

(b) Print-out now shows peak periods.

(12) Collection and Delivery Rates: Different rates can now be specified for boarding, services and daycare bookings. 

(13) Added Booking Notes Prompts for services and daycare bookings. These can differ from those for boarding bookings.

(14) In all cases where a small form is superimposed on a main menu, appropriate text now appears in the main menu footer. Previously, this was only done in some cases.

(15) Manual Backup: Floppy disk no-longer shown as specific option for backup location (but could still be selected as drive A). 

(16Restore Data From Backup: New function, replacing separate Restore From Manual / Auto Backup functions. Main points:-

(a) Enables you to compare dates and times of last manual & auto backups before deciding which to restore.

(b) Manual backup location no-longer has floppy disk option (but could still be selected as drive A).

(c) Button added to directly read date and time of manual backup file in specified location.     

(d) You can now restore from your last auto backup, even if the Miscellaneous Settings data file has been corrupted since the backup was made.

(17) Specify Service(s):-

(a) Warning message displayed if duplicate service selected.

(b) Warning message displayed if no standard fee and/or no standard time listed for selected service (where applicable). 

(c) On clicking Delete button (to delete current services), all check boxes unticked.

(d) On clicking Cancel button, confirmation message displayed.

(18) Set Screen Display:-

(a) If Default selected, apart from re-setting to standard sized, display is centred on screen (previously moved to top-left corner of screen).

(b) Added Centre button. This centres the display, while maintaining the current size. 

(19) Help page print-outs now show coloured text.

(20) Maintenance changes.

21/11/15: V7.32

(1) Program start-up:- 

(a) At first start-up of the day, data files checked and (if no problems found), Auto Backup run (as before) followed by Re-build Data Files

(b) At subsequent start-ups, data files checked (no checks done before).  

(c) At all start-ups, if problem found with a data file, Re-build Data Files runs automatically.

(2Database Engine settings revised for improved performance. 

(3) Invoice Settings: Added Optional Information field (eg bank details) to appear on all printed invoices.  

(4) Add/Change Boarding BookingNumber of pens required (dog, cat, etc) can be set to zero by right-clicking the appropriate field.   

(5) Print Booking Form: Correction. If collection/delivery charge 100 or more, didn't print. 

(6) Maintenance changes. 

11/10/14: V7.31

(1) Invoices / Settings: Added Payment Methods. This enables the user to define payment methods in addition to the default ones, eg 'Bank transfer' and 'PayPal'. This function is identical to that previously (and still) available in Accounting / Settings, but enables the additional payment methods to be used for invoices, as well as accounting transactions. Also, if Invoices module purchased, when adding or changing a booking and defining a deposit, these additional payment methods are available.

(2) Start-up: If petBASE already open, or didn't close properly last time, a message appears giving option of cancelling or continuing. 

(3) Maintenance changes.

22/01/14: V7.30

(1) General Settings:-

(a) Program Scope replaced by Pet Groups. You can select up to 3 groups: DogsCats and Other pets. If you select 'Other pets', you can change this name, if required (eg to 'Small pets'). This group can only be selected in conjunction with Dogs and/or Cats. Initially, Pet Groups is set to Dogs and Cats.

(b) Added Pen Types. Up to 3 types are available: DogsCats and Other pets. Their availability depends on the Pet Groups that you've selected, as follows. If Pet Group 'Dogs' and/or 'Cats' selected, corresponding Pen Types are automatically selected. If Pet Group 'Other pets' (or alternative name) selected, you have the option of selecting a corresponding Pen Type, with the same or a different name.  

(2) Added Pet Types to Customers/Pets / Settings. If Pet Group 'Other pets' (or alternative name) selected in General Settings, you can add any number of Pet Types falling within this group, eg 'Rabbit', 'Hamster', 'Guinea Pig', etc. For each Pet Type, you must also select the Pen Type that will normally be used (eg 'Other pets') and , if applicable, you can also select an alternative Pen Type (eg 'Cats'). If Pet Group 'Other pets' is not selected in General Settings, Pet Types are restricted to 'Dog' and/or 'Cat', with corresponding Pen Type(s).   

(3) Added optional Login System for petBASE, with which you can define any number of users, each with their own password and access level. The system will also keep a log of who has added or changed key data.  Note that this is a more sophisticated alternative to the existing Password Protection system.

(4) Added Transactions Analysis to Accounting module. Gives basic transactions statistics over any date range.

(5) Accommodation Details:-

(a) Type column re-named Pen Type.

(b) Pen Type column not shown if only one type available.

(c) Form improved in various ways; eg if Rates defined for a pen, the Daily Rates box can't be temporarily unticked, and Premium cell light blue rather than grey. 

(6) Boarding Calendar: Caters for Pen Type Other pets (or alternative name) if selected in General Settings (see 1b).

(7) Pen Allocation Chart:-

(a) Caters for up to 3 Pen Types (see 1b).

(b) Day names re-instated (previously removed with V7.25 to overcome problems with 125% Windows display size).

(8) Add/Change Customer: Correction. When selecting photo file, max file name length increased from 20 to 30 chars.

(9) Printer Setup: If a printer other than the default Windows printer is selected, this is saved for subsequent petBASE sessions. (Previously, it was retained only for the current session.)

(10) Program startup: If program has been upgraded to a later version since last startup, Re-build Data Files runs automatically.

(11) Restore Data From Manual Backup:- 

(a) Program version from which backup was made is no-longer required. 

(b) If restoring from earlier program version, Re-build Data Files runs automatically after restoration.

(12) Restore Data From Auto Backup:-

(a) If restoring from earlier program version, Re-build Data Files runs automatically after restoration.

(b) Removed options to restore only certain data. 

(13) Invoice Payments analysis:-

(a) Caters for deposits with different payment method than balance. 

(b) Payment methods no-longer include VAT breakdowns.

(14) Invoices Monthly Analysis:-

(a) Totals for different pet types no-longer included (impractical with multiple types).

(b) Caters for deposits with different payment method than balance.

(15) Arrival & Departures on selected day: If pet details truncated, can now right-click to see all text. 

(16) Display of 'speed tips' for table column headings improved.

(17) Change History: Single page display replaced by list of program versions, with details of selected version shown to right of list. Because of the large amount of text, the previous function was very slow to open.

(18) Mail Merge function: Now creates data source file in CSV format (plain text file with comma-separated values), for compatibility with Word 2013, etc. Previously, this was a dBASE file. 

(19) Add/Change Invoice: If Suppliers/Accounting modules purchased, but current user's password prevents access to them, if cash payment made, corresponding transaction now automatically created in Accounting module.

(20) Added Help subject Upgrading from an Earlier Version (included in 'Introducing petBASE'). Gives advice on what to do after upgrading, depending on your previous version.

(21) Maintenance changes.

20/02/13: V7.25

(1) Added Pet Codes to Customers/Pets / Settings. This form is used to define your Pet Codes, which will be used as a basis for your boarding rates and, optionally, for your grooming fees.  Note that Pet Codes were previously defined within the Boarding Rates form, but this function has been separated to give a more logical program structure.

(2) Grooming Classes re-named Pet Classes and moved from Bookings / Settings to Customers/Pets / Settings, for same reasons as (1).

(3) If you select Pet Class as your Grooming Fees Basis, these Classes were previously only accessed by linking them to Breeds in the Breeds Library. A Class column has now been added to the pet details table in Customer/Pet Details, so you can now directly select a Class for each pet. This has been done for greater flexibility and to enable you to see at a glance the Class assigned to each pet, in the same way as you can see its Code.

(4) Added Credit Card Charge facility. This is specified in Invoice Settings and can be a percentage or flat amount. Then, when adding or changing an invoice, if the balance and/or deposit are paid by credit card, the surcharge is automatically calculated and added to the totals. 

(5) Added Income Breakdown to Invoices / Analyse. This calculates income from Boarding, Grooming and General Invoices and gives income from the grooming content of Boarding Invoices, for paid invoices over a specified date range.

(6) Calendars now show dates as Day + Month or Month + Day, according to the date format setting in Windows Control Panel. Note that all other dates already conform to the Windows setting. 

(7) Help system: 'Setup guide' replaces 'Using petBASE for the first time'. Contents re-written so steps can be followed in logical order. This is included in Introducing petBASE.

(8) Previously, if the user 'changed the size of all items' to Medium125% in the Windows Control Panel, this resulted in some of petBASE's text being truncated, etc. This has now been corrected. 

(9) Maintenance changes.

10/12/12: V7.23

(1) Password Protection: If you've purchased the Suppliers & Accounting modules, you can now define 2 passwords. Password 1 will give you access to all program modules (as before). Password 2 is optional, and prevents access to the Suppliers & Accounting modules.

(2) Grooming Classes:-

(a) Access prevented if Grooming Fees Basis not set to 'Class' in General Booking Settings.

(b) On closing form, if changes made message appears asking whether you wish to update the Breeds Library and giving option of opening it.

(3) Boarding Fee Settings: Morning/Afternoon Departure Time:-

(a) Right-click to delete current value.

(b) Now checks for valid times.

(4) Maintenance changes.

27/11/12: V7.22

(1) Pen Allocation Chart: Grid width now matches number of days in month and avoids blank strip at RHS. 

(2) Print Customers v Bookings Table: Correct order shown.

(3) Summary of Grooming Appointments (on specified date):-

(a) If change made, form no-longer closes.

(b) Footer text updated to reflect changes.

(4) Add/Change Credit/Debit Details: Minor corrections to form appearance. Eg if Category=Transfers, Invoice button now invisible.

(5) Filter/Search Criteria: Defined criteria are now only retained until you exit petBASE, at which point they are deleted. 

(6) Pets In Residence (on specified date): Correction. Share column sometimes ticked incorrectly.

(7) List Documents: Correction. If all files deleted, error occurred.

(8) Maintenance changes. These include the removal of a number of local files (used to hold temporary data), which are now created from scratch when required. This will improve program reliability in the event of computer problems or power failure, etc.  

27/10/12: V7.21

(1) List Bookings: Invoice button added, enabling an invoice to be created for the selected booking.

(2) Add a Booking Invoice: Instead of having to enter the required booking number, a list of all uninvoiced bookings now appears; select the required booking and click the Invoice button to create the new invoice.

(3) Filter/Search Bookings: Added Invoice criterion, which enables you to include bookings with or without an invoice.

(4) Maintenance changes.

25/04/12: V7.20

(1) Program now referred to as petBASE 7 (to distinguish it from alternative program petBASE 7G, which covers grooming bookings only).

(2) General Booking Settings:- 

(a) Form title was 'Booking Settings'.

(b) Added Grooming Fees Basis, which can be set to BreedCode or Class. Grooming Class is a new category - see later. The selected option is then used as the basis for defining your grooming fees.

(c) Added Schedule Grooming Work check box. If ticked, all grooming bookings must be scheduled by assigning each pet to an available groomer within a free time slot on the specified booking date.    

(3) Bookings / Settings: Added Grooming Classes. If you select Class as your Grooming Fees Basis (see above), you must use this form to define your Grooming Classes (eg 'Small long-haired dogs'), which will then be used as the basis for defining your grooming fees (in Grooming Services and Fees). 

(4) Bookings / Settings: Added Grooming Opening Times & Available Staff. This applies to grooming bookings only and enables you to specify your normal opening times and number of grooming staff (up to 5) available on each day of the week. From this, for each day, petBASE calculates the available grooming time, ie the total number of staff hours available to do grooming work on that day. 

(5) Breeds Library: If Class selected for Grooming Fees Basis, Class & corresponding Description columns are shown. For any Breed, you should select a Class.

(6) Grooming Services and Fees: The layout of this form now depends on the option selected for Grooming Fees Basis (see above), and shows BreedCode or Class in the LH column of the main table.

(7) Add/Change Grooming Booking: Changes include:-

(a) Services button added to select grooming services (previously clicked Grooming fee column heading).

(b) Service Details column added to pets table, showing selected services for each pet. 

(c) If Schedule Grooming Work ticked, Schedule button shown. Click this to show the current grooming schedule on the specified date, to which you can then assign the previously-specified grooming services for the selected pet to an available groomer in a free time slot.  

(d) If Schedule Grooming Work ticked, Groomer column added to pets table, showing the selected groomer for each pet.

(8) View Grooming Booking: Changes include:-

(a) Service Details column added to pets table.

(b) If Schedule Grooming Work ticked, Groomer column added to pets table.

(9) Add / Change Customer:  If Breed heading clicked, full Breeds Library now appears (instead of non-editable breeds list), so new breed can be added, if required.

(10) Summary of Grooming Appointments On Selected Date:- 

(a) If Schedule Grooming Work ticked, Groomer column included.

(b) List can now be ordered on Departure Time or Groomer (if applicable), in addition to Arrival Time.

(c) When adding a booking from this form, if Schedule Grooming Work not ticked, suggested appointment time pre-entered based on last departure time for current bookings.  

(11) Boarding calendar: Colour schemes changed to improve clarity. 

(12) Grooming Calendar:-

(a) Colour scheme changed to improve clarity.  

(b) Added new function Opening Times & Available Staff. This is similar to item 4, but enables you to change these settings on a specific date.

(c) Added new function View Grooming Schedule. If Schedule Grooming Work has been ticked, you can view the schedule on any date.

(d) Added new function Staff Assignments.  If Schedule Grooming Work has been ticked, you can see details of all assignments for a selected groomer on any date.   

(e) Number of bookings indicated by 'B' (previously 'A' for appointments).

(13) Maintenance changes.

10/08/11: V7.10

(1Pen Functions module re-named Accommodation module.

(2) General Settings: Added Accommodation Unit Name. Enables you to specify a different name than the default 'Pen' (eg Unit, Run, Kennel, etc), which then appears throughout the program.

(3) Customers/Pets main menu:-

(a) Added Pets menu heading.

(b) Re-named 'Customers/Pets' heading to 'Customers'.

(c) Moved 'List all pets' menu item from Customers to Pets.

(d) Added Pets: Filter/Search (see below).

(4) List All Pets: Added Filter/Search function. 

(5) Customers Filter/Search Criteria: If pet Type selected, Breed & Code options correspondingly filtered.

(6) Invoices Filter/Search Criteria: Added Unbanked option to Payment Status criterion (applies only if Accounting module purchased).

(7) Pen Allocation Chart: For any particular pen, if one allocation is followed immediately by another (ie for a different booking), the first cell of the second allocation is coloured red, to visually flag where the second allocation starts.

(8) Maintenance changes.

28/05/11: V7.00

(1) Added optional SUPPLIERS module. This enables you to keep records of the companies, organisations and individuals to whom you make payments in the course of running your business. Note: this module is only available with the Accounting and Invoices modules.

(2) Added optional ACCOUNTING module. This enables you to record the transactions that you make to and from any number of user-defined accounts (eg bank accounts, credit cards and cash in hand). It links to your invoices, so that, having banked a received payment, you can quickly record the credit transaction. You can also record all debit transactions corresponding to payments made to your suppliers. The system also caters for sales tax (eg VAT) and should provide sufficient data to enable you to submit your income tax and sales tax (eg VAT) returns. Note: this module is only available with the Suppliers and Invoices modules.

(3) Documents module:- 

(a) Added Miscellaneous Documents folder. This is used to store documents referred to in accounting transactions, plus any other documents (except letters to customers).   

(b) Main menu re-arranged. 

(c) Maximum number of characters for pets' photo files increased from 20 to 30.

(d) List All Photographs: Addition of files with names > 30 characters prevented, but now has facility to re-name file before adding.

(4) General SettingsService Type now has 'Services' as an option (the default), in addition to 'Grooming' and 'Training'.

(5) Help system:-

(a) The Service Type specified in General Settings (see above) now appears (where appropriate) throughout the Help system. Eg if you set your Service Type to 'Training', this word will appear in relevant Help subjects and pages. 

(b) Sales Tax name, specified in Invoice Settings, now appears  (where appropriate) throughout the Help system. Eg if you set your Sales Tax to 'VAT' this word will appear in relevant Help subjects and pages. 

(c) Help Contents: On opening, the Section corresponding to the current module is pre-selected.

(6) Main menu forms can now be maximized with the standard Windows button. This resets all full-sized forms to approximately fill the screen, until re-sized.

(7) Booking Settings: Added Mandatory Pen-allocation option. If ticked, when you add or change a Boarding Booking, all pets must have a pen number allocated before booking can be saved. Applies whether or not Pen Functions are enabled. 

(8) Re-build Data Files: If a problem is found that can't be rectified, the process is no-longer aborted, but carries on to cover all files. At the end of the process, if one or more problems were found, these are listed in a window. If no problems are found, a confirmation message is displayed.  

(9) Program installs to C:\petBASE7.

(10) Program Activation: When you purchase petBASE, you no-longer have to download your own full program. Instead, you will be supplied with a unique Program Key. You must then open the new function Activate Full Program in your Evaluator program and enter your business name followed by your Program Key. This will then convert your Evaluator program to your full program, containing your purchased modules and business name.  

(11) Evaluator program: Number of pens no-longer restricted (was 10).

(12) Maintenance changes.

10/12/10: V6.12

(1) Pen Allocation Chart: Generation of chart speeded-up (could be quite slow with large number of bookings and pens).

(2) Maintenance changes.

19/04/10: V6.11

(1) Add/Change Booking: Revised to speed things up when saving a boarding booking with pens assigned. This avoids a noticeable delay with large Bookings files.

(2) List invoices: Added Balance column and Total Balance below list.

(3) Add/change/view Invoice: If payment date entered and balance due > 0, wording 'Balance due' changed to 'Balance paid'.

(4) Maintenance changes.

31/10/09: V6.10

(1) Invoice Settings: Added Include/Exclude Sales Tax (eg VAT), which can be set to Include (the default) or Exclude. Invoice forms and print-outs changed to suit. This new feature has been added to cater for businesses that are registered for sales tax and whose fees are listed exclusive of tax. Previously, if sales tax was applicable, all fees were inclusive of tax.

(2) View Booking Details and Add/Change Booking:-

(a) If Invoices module included and fees are exclusive of sales tax, 'ex sales tax' (eg 'ex VAT') is specified after Total Fee and Balance Due is replaced by 'see invoice' (as this would need to include sales tax, which is calculated in the invoice).

(b) If an invoice exists and it includes changes affecting the total fee (eg an additional item), the Total Fee and Balance due are not shown in Booking Details and are replace by 'see invoice'. This applies regardless of the sales tax situation. 

(3) Booking Settings: Added Show Late Departure Fee. If this is ticked and you've specified a reduced Morning or Afternoon Departure Charge in Boarding Fee Settings, and the Departure Time shown for a particular boarding booking is before the corresponding time limit (thus reducing the total fee), the printed booking form will also include (in brackets) the Total Fee and Balance Due which would be payable if the customer is late on the departure day. 

(4) Maintenance changes.

26/08/09: V6.00

The main purpose of this version is to cater more fully for the wide variety of pricing structures used by boarding kennels and catteries across the globe. The key features are:-

(1) Peak Periods can now be defined for boarding bookings. Increased boarding rates can be specified for bookings during these periods and corresponding fees automatically calculated. If a booking is only partly within a peak period, the extra fee is calculated only for the affected days. 

(2) Additional methods for defining pet and pen-based boarding rates have been added. 

Click here for full details of changes introduced with Version 6.00.

06/02/09: V5.11

(1) Program now installs to C:\petBASE5 (was C:\Program Files\Multi-Base\petBASE5). This avoids problems when installing to the 64-bit version of Windows Vista.

(2) List Letters: Now caters for documents with file names of up to 45 characters. This enables documents other than petBASE's standard letters (which are limited to file name length of 30) to be included in the Letters folder. 

(3) Maintenance changes.

16/01/09: V5.10

(1) Boarding Rates:- 

(a) Added Morning Departure Time. If you have set your Morning Departure Charge to less than 100% and you wish to specify a time limit earlier than midday for this to apply, you can enter the time here (eg 10.00 AM).

(b) Added Afternoon Departure Time. If you have set your Afternoon Departure Charge to less than 100% and you wish to specify a time limit earlier than midnight for this to apply, you can enter the time here (eg 4.00 PM).

(2) Add/Change Boarding Booking:-

(a) If you've specified a Morning Departure Time in Boarding Rates (see above) and departure is AM, petBASE will first ensure that you've entered a Departure Time in the booking and won't apply the specified Morning Departure Charge if the Departure Time is after the time specified in Boarding Rates. 

(b) If you've specified an Afternoon Departure Time in Boarding Rates (see above) and departure is PM, petBASE will first ensure that you've entered a Departure Time in the booking and won't apply the specified Afternoon Departure Charge if the Departure Time is after the time specified in Boarding Rates. 

(3) View Diary: Added Filter/Search function. Enables all Diary pages to be filtered/searched for specified text.

(4) Add/Change Grooming [Training] Details: OK button re-named Confirm and Return button added. If you click Confirm, changes are saved and the earliest Departure Time is calculated (as before). If you click Return, any changes are aborted and the earliest Departure Time is not calculated. 

(5) Add/Change Grooming [Training] Appointment: After specifying grooming [training] services, the earliest Departure Time is automatically calculated. Previously, if you then manually changed the Departure Time, then clicked Calculate or Save, the earliest Departure Time was re-calculated. This is now only done after exiting the Add/Change Grooming [Training] Details form with the Confirm or Cancel button.

(6) Booking Settings: Added Default Overall Discount Type. This was in Boarding Rates, but, as it applies to both Boarding Bookings and Grooming/Training Appointments, it's more logical to have it in Booking Settings.

(7) Maintenance changes.

10/12/08: V5.09

(1) General Settings: Added Service Type option - can be 'Grooming' or 'Training' (default is 'Grooming'). If you select 'Training', this word is used in place of 'Grooming' throughout the program. This option has been added for businesses who provide a training (rather than grooming) service.

(2) Breeds Library: When adding a new breed, if only one Boarding Code defined for cats or dogs in Boarding Rates, this code is automatically pre-entered.

(3) Add/Change Boarding Booking: Correction. If 4 or more pets sharing 2 or more pens with pen-based rates, sharing discounts weren't being calculated. 

(4) Bookings Analysis: If no bookings of a particular category, now just states that number of bookings = 0, and doesn't list other (irrelevant) data.

(5) Maintenance changes.

19/10/08: V5.08

(1) At start-up, if last manual back-up date before yesterday, or none made yet, a back-up reminder appears and gives option of performing back-up.

(2) Added Introducing petBASE. This shows Help subjects from the Basics & Getting Started topics and is displayed at start-up (can be de-activated) and can also be selected from Help menu. 

(3) General Settings:- 

(a) Number of pens now defined here (if Pen Functions not used). This was previously in Boarding Settings.

(b) Added Show Boarding Calendar at Startup. If this is ticked, the Boarding Calendar appears after starting petBASE, rather than the main menu.

(4) Added Help subject Choosing Your Program Options.

(5) Define Data Path re-named Data Location.

(6) Maintenance changes.

29/04/08: V5.07

(1) View Booking Details: Right-click booking or pet notes window to enlarge it, with the facility to print the notes. 

(2) Add/Change Booking:- 

(a) For boarding booking with Pen Functions enabled, added Pens button, to show Pen Allocation Chart for the month that includes the specified arrival date.

(b) Can now right-click booking or pet notes windows to enlarge it. 

(3) Add/Change Customer/Pets: Right-click customer or pet notes window to enlarge it. 

(4) Add/Change Invoice: Right-click notes window to enlarge it. 

(5) View Customer/Pet Details: Right-click customer or pet notes window to enlarge it, with the facility to print the notes.

(6) View Invoice Details: Right-click notes window to enlarge it, with the facility to print the notes.

(7) Added Pen Occupancy Details function (available only with Pen Functions). This is accessed from View Boarding Booking Details and enables you to print key information about the pet(s) occupying the selected pen, which can then be attached to the actual pen for instant reference.

(8) List all Photographs: Right-click the preview image to enlarge it, with the facility to print the image.

(9) Booking Settings (previously called 'Boarding Settings'): Added Include warning in printed booking forms. Tick box to include customer warning message (if any) from corresponding Customer/Pet Details in printed boarding or grooming booking forms. This is printed in red.

(10) Added Password Protection function. This enables you to optionally define a password that must subsequently be entered to start petBASE.

(11) petBASE's letter-writing functions now cater for Word 2007 .docx files, in addition to earlier .doc files. 

(12) Maintenance changes.

12/02/08: V5.06

(1) Change Boarding Booking: If you're using Pen Functions and you change a pen number during the boarding period, the list of unallocated pens is now based on the period starting from today's date and time (AM or PM) rather than the arrival date and time. This provides greater flexibility during busy periods.

(2) Maintenance changes.

15/12/07: V5.05

(1) 'EVALUATOR PROGRAM' now appears on main menus, if applicable.

(2) Maintenance change to suit Windows Vista.

26/10/07: V5.04

(1) Batch E-mail function added to List All Customers & Customers v Bookings Table. This enables an e-mail to be created for multiple selected customers via the user's default e-mail application. 

(2) General Settings: Added Use Microsoft Outlook. This should be ticked if you have MS Outlook (not Outlook Express) installed and it's your default e-mail application, as it allows unlimited recipients and text with the new Batch E-mail function. 

(3) Bookings To Be Checked-in Today / Bookings With Overdue Check-ins: After clicking Check-in button, option given to change existing invoice or create a new one (as for corresponding check-out functions). 

(4) Invoice Settings: Added Default Invoice Date. This gives the option of specifying either arrival date or departure date as the default invoice date/tax point for new boarding invoices. (Previously defaulted to arrival date). 

(5) Filter/Search (Bookings):- 

(a) Added Payment Status (Paid/Unpaid) criterion.

(b) Added Payment Date (From/To) criteria.

(c) Added Deposit Paid criterion.

(6) Filter/Search (Invoices): Replaced Unpaid criterion with Payment Status (Paid/Unpaid).

(7) List All Photographs/Select a Photograph: Preview picture of currently-selected file is displayed.

(8) Maintenance changes.

07/07/07: V5.03

(1) Boarding and Grooming Calendars: Darker vertical lines used to separate days. Makes calendars easier to read.

(2) Maintenance changes.

27/06/07: V5.02

(1) Customer/Pet details: Added mobile phone number field.

(2) Boarding Settings: Added option to omit pen data from printed booking forms. This option has been specifically included for establishments that don't have individual pens and board all pets in one building. In this case, it would confuse customers if pens were referred to in the printed booking forms.

(3) Summary of Grooming Appointments on specified date: If no boarding bookings requiring grooming, corresponding table isn't displayed.

(4) Change Boarding Invoice (non-VAT): Correction. Eliminated error when trying to save changes.

(5) Maintenance changes.

29/05/07: V5.01

(1) Boarding Rates:-

(a) Daily Rate of 0.00 can be entered (recommended if all boarding rates are pen-based).

(b) On clicking 'OK', checks that values have been entered in all columns of daily rates table grid (a Daily Rate of 0.00 is acceptable).

(2) Help system:-

(a) Added Filter/Search function.

(b) Added Help Subject 'Defining Your Boarding Rates', giving detailed advice on the various methods available.

(3) Maintenance changes.

06/05/07: V5.00

Major re-write, incorporating many requests by current users and including the following main features:-

(1) Larger default display size, to suit 800 x 600 minimum screen resolution.

(2) Separate Bookings, Customers/Pets, Pen functions, Invoices, Documents and General Functions modules, each with its own main menu.

(3) Program now caters for grooming services, either for boarding pets or appointments for grooming only.

(4) New Pen Allocations Chart shows the number of pets allocated to each pen for the morning and afternoon of each day of any selected month.

(5) New Documents module enables you to write a pre-formatted letter (via Microsoft Word) or address an envelope to any customer. From here you can also control digital photographs of customers' pets for display in your customer/pets and booking details. 

(6) More options added for specifying daily rates and sharing discounts.

(7) Compatible with Windows Vista.

Click here for full details of changes introduced with Version 5.00.

18/04/07: V4.83

Maintenance changes.

05/07/06: V4.82

petBASE now caters better for businesses that charge on a nightly basis, with the introduction of changes (1) & (2) below:-

(1) Daily Rates: Added Afternoon Departure Charge (0-100%).

(2) Booking Invoices: Basic boarding fee (first line) now includes any Morning or Afternoon Departure Charges. Total discount (2nd line) now only consists of Sharing and Other Discount and no longer includes any reduction based on Morning Departure Charge.

(3) Customer Details: E-mail address field length increased from 40 to 45 characters. 

(4) Maintenance change.

19/02/06: V4.81

petBASE now caters for all international short date formats, as defined in the user's Windows system (eg DD/MM/YYYY for UK, MM/DD/YYYY for USA and YYYY-MM-DD for Sweden).

07/12/05: V4.80

Added Convert Currency function, to cater for the possibility of a change of currency after using petBASE for some time. Modifies all existing monetary values by a user-defined exchange rate.

17/08/05: V4.78

List All Bookings: Correct number of bookings shown after filtering.

18/04/05: V4.77

Maintenance change.

05/04/05: V4.76

Manual back-up can now be to any specified location (previously only to floppy disk).

13/02/05: V4.75

Maintenance changes.

03/02/05: V4.74

(1) Help screen increased in size.

(2) General Settings: Currency and Sales Tax options weren't visible when Scope set to Cats or Dogs Only.

(3) Maintenance changes.

06/12/04: V4.73

(1Add/Change Invoice: maximum number of characters in Details on lines 2-6 increased from 30 to 75.

(2Booking Invoices printed reports: details on lines 4, 5 & 6 no-longer invisible for zero fees.

(3Non-booking Invoices printed reports: all details no-longer invisible for zero fees.

(4Add a Booking: default departure time changed from AM to PM.

25/09/04: V4.72

(1) Eliminated problem with some Analysis functions (error introduced with V4.70).

(2) Pen allocations were incorrect if pen numbers with characters used (eg D01 rather than 001).

15/09/04: V4.71

In Invoice Settings, added option for user to define title for printed sales tax invoices (eg TAX INVOICE).

30/06/04: V4.70

(1) Facility added to change currency symbol (from default ) and sales tax name (from default VAT) for overseas customers; eg to $ and GST for New Zealand.

(2) E-mail address field added to Customer Details, with automatic e-mail creation in Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express), if installed. 

13/03/04: V4.63

Diary button added to cats/dogs-only calendar.

01/03/04: V4.62

Default images for print-outs can now be permanently deleted.

09/02/04: V4.61

Multi-User functions included in Evaluator program.

31/01/04: V4.60

(1) If an invoice has been paid, payment details added to print-out.

(2) Invoice Payments Analysis added.

08/01/04: V4.55

Maintenance change.

19/12/03: V4.54

Maintenance change.

02/12/03: V4.53

Added 'Utility' button to start-up screen, enabling petBASE to be started in 'Utility Mode'.

23/11/03:  V4.52

In Multi-User version, data path can now be defined directly from petBASE.

24/10/03: V4.50 

(1) In Add/Change Booking, if pet notes changed, option given to update corresponding notes in Customer Details.

(2) Added option to print pet notes in Booking Form.

07/06/03: V4.40

(1) Filter/search function added for customers & their pets.

(2) Filter/search function added for bookings.

(3) Filter/search function added for invoices.

19/04/03: V4.30

(1) Mail Merge function added to List Customers.

(2) Help Contents list now grouped into Topics.

21/02/03: V4.21

(1) Monthly Analysis added.

(2) Breakdown of combination payments added to invoices.

07/02/03: V4.16

(1) In View List of Customers, pet names shown.

(2) In Add Booking, customer-selection window shows pet names.

03/04/02: V4.00 

(1) Pen Functions added.

(2) Diary added.

(3) Breeds Library added.

(4) Pet Notes Prompts added.

(5) Pet notes now editable in booking. 

(6) 'Evaluator' version of program introduced.

03/01/02: V3.30

(1) Invoicing system added.

(2) Dog and cat images added to top of printed booking form and invoices. These can be replaced by user-defined images (or logos). 

(3) When adding or changing a booking, the number of cat or dog pens can now be set to zero, even if one or more cats or dogs are booked. A warning is now given (previously not allowed). This covers the possibility of a pet sharing a pen assigned to another customer in another booking.

05/10/01: V3.20

(1) In Summary of Bookings for a selected day, option given of ordering by booking ref or customer name.

(2) When adding a new booking, warning given if dates clash with previous booking for that customer. 

30/09/01: V3.10

(1) Summary of arrivals & departures for selected day added to Calendar functions.

(2) Program Change History information added.

12/08/01: V3.0 

Multi-User version introduced.

28/07/01: V2.80 

(1) Summary of bookings for a specified day can now be printed.

(2) In List Range of Bookings, you now have option to base range on arrival or departure dates (including mixture). Previously based on departure dates only.

07/05/01: V2.70

(1) In General Settings, option added to disable automatic check-in/out feature.

(2) Occupancy Analysis function added.

(3) Bookings Analysis function added.

(4) Customers Analysis function added.

(5) Back-up to floppy disk revised: back-up file is now compressed ZIP file that can span multiple disks.

(6) Restore from floppy disk revised to suit (5) above.

Updated 26 May 2022

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