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petBASE 9D
version 9.02 can be purchased as the Basic program or with any combination of optional features, as follows:-

  Basic program, covering dog daycare bookings only and for use on a single computer: 90.00.

 Dog Services option, enables grooming (or another service*) to be included with daycare bookings, or as separate bookings: + 20.00.

  Invoices module: + 20.00

 Suppliers and Accounting modules: + 30.00. Note: to purchase these modules, you must also purchase the Invoices module.

  Multi-User option, for use on up to 6 networked computers: + 20.00.

For example, the total price of the Basic program plus Dog Services and Invoices options is 90 + 20 + 20 = 130.00.

Please note that prices are in British pounds and are not subject to (and do not include) VAT. Click on any price for an approximate conversion to other currencies.

 Having downloaded and tested the free Evaluator program, if you decide that petBASE 9D meets your requirements and you wish to purchase, please e-mail me, giving the options that you require and your business name. You'll then receive a PayPal payment request, which you can pay by credit/debit card or from your PayPal account, if you have one. On receipt of your payment, I'll e-mail you your Program Key, which will enable you to instantly activate your full program. 

  Upgrades. When new versions of petBASE 9D are released, you'll be able to upgrade to them free of charge for a reasonable period. After this, a percentage of the full price will apply.

*In General Settings, you can specify the type of dog service that you offer, eg 'Grooming', 'Training', 'Hydrotherapy', 'Services', etc. This word will then appear throughout the program.

Updated 21 March 2021

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