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Here are some typical questions and answers about petBASE 9D:-

Q  I am coping well with a paper-based system for managing my bookings, so what advantages would petBASE 9D give me?

A  We certainly can't claim that petBASE 9D is essential, but can be an invaluable tool, even for small establishments. Here are some of its advantages:-

It saves time. Information is instantly available. For example the Daycare Calendar shows the number of dogs booked and vacancies for each day of any month. 

It prevents you from over-booking or double-booking.

Total fees are automatically calculated.

Changes and cancellations are automatically dealt with - no crossing-out and erasing!

Full details of your customers and their dogs are always readily at hand.

The optional Invoices module automatically creates invoices covering sales-tax (eg VAT) registered businesses or otherwise. 

The optional Accounting module enables you to keep full control of your finances by linking directly with the Invoices and Suppliers modules.

The optional Suppliers module enables you to keep records of the companies, organisations and individuals to whom you make payments in the course of running your business. It links to the Accounting module to quickly create debit transactions for your payments.

The various analysis functions provide you with information in seconds that would be impractical to produce manually, so you can always be fully aware of how well your business is performing. 

The printed booking forms and invoices present a professional image to your customers. 

Q  Is petBASE 9D easy to use?

A  petBASE 9D has been designed from the start for ease of use. It uses a simple, no-frills format, with straight-forward menus and push-button controls. There are prompts at all stages, automatic error-checking wherever possible and a full on-screen help system (which includes advice on getting started). The wide range of options enables you to configure the program to correspond to the way that you run your business. Providing that you are familiar with the basic functions of a Windows-based computer, you should have no problems in quickly learning how to use petBASE 9D.

Q  I live in New Zealand and require a program that shows fees in $ and produces invoices with the current GST (sales tax) rate applied. Can petBASE 9D do this?

A  petBASE 9D caters for all English-speaking countries. The required currency can be specified in General Settings, and the sales tax type (VAT, GST, HST, etc) and corresponding standard rate specified in Invoice Settings. 

Q  We provide a grooming service in addition to daycare - does petBASE 9D cater for this?

A  Yes, if you purchase the Dog Services option and, in General Settings, select 'Grooming' as the Service Type. You can now add grooming services to your daycare bookings and also add separate grooming bookings (in which one or more dogs are booked-in for grooming only and arrive and depart on the same day). In either case, you can select one or more grooming services for each dog in the daycare or grooming booking and petBASE 9D will calculate the total grooming fee based on a table of standard fees. The Grooming Calendar shows key data for your grooming bookings on each day of any month.

Q  We provide a dog training service in addition to daycare - does petBASE 9D cater for this?

A  In General Settings, you can specify your Service Type as  'Grooming', 'Training', 'Hydrotherapy', 'Services', or any other word that best describes the service(s) that you offer. If you select 'Training', this word is used throughout the program and petBASE 9D caters for your training services in exactly the same way as described in the previous answer. 

Q  Is petBASE 9D suitable for a pet services business (eg grooming or training) that doesn't provide daycare?

A No! In this case you should use petBASE 9S, which is specially designed for this. It includes all the features of petBASE 9D, except that those features and functions relating specifically to daycare matters are omitted, thus avoiding the display of unnecessary and potentially confusing information. 

Q  What happens if I add a booking that is subsequently cancelled? 

A  Select the booking and click the 'Cancel' button. The booking and its associated invoice (if any) will be deleted and the Calendar automatically adjusted. 

Q  How effective is the Accounting module?

A  The optional Accounting module is designed to interact directly with the Invoices and Suppliers modules to give you full financial control of your business. Although it doesn't have all the 'bells and whistles' of some dedicated accounting software, it includes all the basic functions necessary for a small business to carry out essential bookkeeping and accounting tasks. It's technically a 'single-entry' system, so it's easy to use and, unlike double-entry systems, you can rectify input errors at any time. It caters for sales-tax (eg VAT) and non-sales-tax businesses, as specified in Invoice Settings. You can analyse your data with the Income v Expenses and comprehensive filtering functions. If you're registered for sales-tax (eg VAT), the sales-tax summary function should provide sufficient data for submitting your sales-tax return; if not, more detailed data can be produced. 

Note! All sales-tax data is based on money that you've already received (sales) or paid (purchases), and is equivalent to the UK 'Cash Accounting Scheme' for VAT returns. The alternative 'Standard VAT Accounting' is based on invoices that you've issued or received during the time period, whether or not they've been paid, and is not catered for here.               

Q  What happens if I've been using petBASE 9D for some time and my computer crashes? Will I lose all my data? 

A  petBASE 9D has a built-in data back-up system. At the click of a button, it copies all data files in the form of a single compressed (zip) file to any specified location (eg a memory stick). This only takes a few seconds and it is recommended that you do this at least once a day, preferably just before you close the program at the end of the day. In the event of a computer crash, you can then use petBASE's Restore function to restore your data from your latest back-up. Full details and advice on this subject are given in the Help system.

Q  What equipment do I need to run petBASE 9D?

A  You will need a PC running under Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7. You also require a keyboard and mouse (ideally with a wheel) and an A4 printer. Some form of external data storage (memory stick, external hard-drive, etc) is required to back-up your data. You can also use a Windows 10 tablet, without keyboard or mouse, for which a minimum size of 10" is recommended; petBASE 9D has a Tablet Mode setting to optimise it for this. 

Q  I would like to run petBASE 9D on two computers - one in my office and the other in my house. Can this be done? Must the computers be on a network?

A  If your computers are networked together and you purchase petBASE's Multi-User option, the program can be used simultaneously on up to 6 computers for both viewing and changing data. 

However, you could do this without a network if, for example, you use the office computer during the day for entering data and the house computer in the evening for viewing, analysing and printing data. At the close of business, use petBASE's built-in back-up facility to back-up your data to (eg) a memory stick on your office computer and restore it onto your house computer. 

Q  What after-sales support do you offer? 

A  Unlike some software companies, we don't charge anything for after-sales support. If you have any problems or queries, please e-mail us and we'll try to sort them out. If necessary, you can attach your latest back-up file to your e-mail, so we can see exactly what the problem is. If a program error occurs, details are automatically written to an error log file, which you can e-mail to us. Please, however, don't forget to first use the comprehensive Help system (which includes a 'Troubleshooting' section), as the answer may well be there! If you have a problem that proves to be caused by a fault within petBASE, we'll rectify it free of charge. 

Q  Will I be able to upgrade my current program when new versions become available? 

A  Yes, when new versions are released, they are designed to be compatible with earlier ones. Upgrade prices and instructions are included in the Prices and Download pages.

Q  After reviewing your website, I think that petBASE 9D could be useful for my business. What should I do next?  

A  We suggest that you take the following action:-

(1) Download petBASE 9D Evaluator. This enables you to fully evaluate the program and decide whether it will meet your requirements. Please take your time during your evaluation, particularly when selecting the various settings and options that will best suit your business. Make sure that your print-outs are OK and, if you're thinking of using petBASE 9D on a network, test this out.

(2) If you conclude that petBASE 9D is suitable for your business, decide which options you require in addition to the basic program; these are Dog Services, the Invoices module, the Suppliers and Accounting modules, and the Multi-User option (see Help subject 'Choosing your program options' for advice on this). Your selection will determine the total price.  

(3) You can then make your payment on-line by credit/debit card or PayPal. See Prices for instructions.  

(4) On receipt of your payment, we will then e-mail you your Program Key, which will enable you to instantly activate your full program.  

Updated 01 October 2019 

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