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General features of petBASE software

petBASE 9S is the complete booking, management and accounting application for businesses offering services* for dogs and/or cats, such as pet grooming, training or hydrotherapy.

It provides a quick, easy and accurate way of taking bookings, checking vacancies, producing booking forms and invoices, maintaining customer and supplier records, keeping on top of your accounts and much more.

Apart from the general features common to all petBASE software, petBASE 9S includes the following special features:-

  Can be set to cover dogs & catsdogs only or cats only.

  For ease of use, the program is split into a number of modules, each of which has its own main menu. Some of these are optional, so you don't have to purchase functions that you don't need. The standard modules are: Bookings, CustomersDocuments and General. The optional modules are Invoices, Suppliers and Accounting.

  A unique on-screen calendar provides instant summaries of key booking information for each day of any month. Opening times and the number of available staff (1 - 5) can be defined for each day of the year. The built-in Diary has automatic reminder and calendar-highlighting functions and can be searched for content.

  The Customers module maintains full details of customers and their pets (including pets' photographs), with instant links to a customer's bookings,  invoices  and transactions. Libraries of dog and cat breeds and local vets can built-up for quick reference.

  New bookings can be quickly added, with information automatically extracted from the Customers file; total fees are calculated and checks are made for over-booking, double-booking, etc. Existing bookings can be changed or cancelled at any time.

  Booking forms are automatically generated and can be printed at any time. Full details of all bookings are maintained for easy reference. Instant summaries can be displayed of all bookings for any selected day or time period.

 petBASE 9S has many user-defined settings. Non-UK users can change the default currency symbol () and sales tax name (VAT) to their own country standards (eg $ and GST).    

  You can define up to 10 standard services and corresponding fees and times. These can be based on breed or pet class. One or more of these services can then be selected for each pet when adding a booking. 

 You can accurately schedule your work by assigning each pet to an available staff member within a free time slot on the specified date. You can quickly view the current schedule (presented in clear graphical form) for any date.

  Instant analyses of key data, including bookings, customers, invoices and transactions.

  Sophisticated filter/search functions enable rapid location of customers, pets, bookings, invoices, suppliers and transactions matching multiple user-defined criteria.

  The Mail Merge function automatically creates a data source file containing names and addresses of selected customers, for creating multiple letters or labels with your word-processor.

  You can automatically create an e-mail addressed to any customer or supplier, or multiple selected customers, via your standard e-mail application (including Windows 10 Mail, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft 365 Outlook and most MAPI-compliant applications).

 If you have Windows 10, you can instantly create a PDF file of a booking form or invoice and, if you have Microsoft Office/365 Outlook, petBASE will attach it to an e-mail addressed to the customer.

 The Documents module enables you to link digital photographs to customers' pets, write pre-formatted letters (via Microsoft Word) or automatically address envelopes to your customers, link document files to your transactions, and access other files that are relevant to your business.

  The optional Invoices module covers sales tax (eg VAT) and non-sales-tax businesses and caters for both bookings and other sales. Invoice details are automatically generated from the corresponding booking. It links to the Accounting module to quickly create credit transactions for banked payments.

 The optional Suppliers module enables you to keep records of the companies, organisations and individuals to whom you make payments in the course of running your business. It links to the Accounting module to quickly create debit transactions for your payments.

 The optional Accounting module enables you to record the transactions that you make to and from any number of user-defined accounts (eg bank accounts, credit cards and cash in hand). It links to your invoices, so that, having banked a received payment, you can quickly record the credit transaction. You can also record all debit transactions corresponding to payments made to your suppliers. The system also caters for sales tax (eg VAT) and should provide sufficient data to enable you to submit your income tax and sales tax (eg VAT) returns.

 To prevent unauthorised use of petBASE, you have the option of a simple Password Protection system or a more sophisticated Login System. The latter enables you to define any number of users, each with their own password and access level. The system will also keep a log of who has added or changed key data.

 Backups are automatically made (to your hard drive) of all data files when the program is first run on any day. You can also backup all data (in the form of a single compressed file) to any location at any time.

  The Multi-User option can be run on up to 6 networked computers and allows simultaneous access to all appropriate functions, whilst automatically preventing undesirable operations such as two users attempting to make changes  to the same booking.

 If Tablet Mode is selected in General Settings, petBASE 9S can be used with Windows 10 tablets, without keyboard or mouse.

  petBASE 9S is available from only 85 for the basic program, with additional charges for the various options. Click here for full price details.

  You can try petBASE 9S now by downloading the Evaluator program, which includes all optional features but is limited to 10 customer and 10 supplier records. It is essential that you try the Evaluator before ordering the full program, to ensure that petBASE 9S fully meets your requirements and to determine which options you require.

  Since its launch in 2000, petBASE has undergone continuous development, largely based on customer feedback. Click here for change history. 

  Note that we can accept payment by credit card or PayPal.

Contact us for further information.

*In General Settings, the word 'services' can be replaced by a word of your choice, eg 'grooming', 'training' or 'hydrotherapy'. The changed word will then appear throughout the program.

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